Registered Residential Valuer, North Shore, Auckland

  • Morison Property
  • Orewa, Auckland, New Zealand
  • 20 Mar, 2021
Contractor Valuation

Job Description

Every job advert sounds great doesn't it? 

So why would you take my word for it? I could promise you the world - and once you're on board, deliver more of the same BS you get at your current firm. Instead, if you like what you see here, why not check out our website, read my blog posts, and then ring any of our team and ask if they like working here.

We're not necessarily after an A+ star valuer.. we're more interested in those who can talk to people, have a good work ethic, and will fit in with the team. Skills can be taught - personality can't. 

So here's what working with us is like. If it sounds like your kind of place, we would love to hear from you. 

  • we embrace technology. We have all the time and patience to teach you, but you need to be willing to embrace iphones and ipads etc for work. 
  • we don't take on jobs we don't want to do. If its too complex, or the client is too difficult, we turn them away. Period. 
  • we give and take and share the work around as needed. 
  • if there's a tough job to do, and we cant avoid it, the director will do it - not farm it out to the junior valuers.
  • client needs (not wants) come first, and a professional approach to them is essential.
  • we value time off, humour, family, and dressing smart/casual. Your three piece suit or socks and sandals combination will look a bit out of place around here - though you would still be welcome of course :) 

This position is to cover residential valuations including Valocity & Corelogic panel work on the North Shore of Auckland. Working remotely most of the time is preferable, with staff meetings and training / socialising on occasion to keep us all up beat and part of a cohesive team. There is plenty of support and mentoring available, and your workload will be as busy as you want it to be. Full commission or base plus commission arrangements are possible. Auckland is more multi-cultural than ever, so a second language is definitely a bonus. 

Everything is negotiable for the right person.  I look forward to hearing from you. 

Salary Range

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