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  • Property InDepth Limited
  • Auckland, Franklin, Hamilton, Rotorua, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Taranaki, Kapiti, Wellington
  • 20 Jul, 2022
Flexible Valuation

Job Description

Positions currently exist for Registered Valuers in Auckland, Franklin, Hamilton, Hawkes Bay and Wellington.

Using smart systems, supported by our own Customer Centre, and enjoying being part of a fantastic team, our valuers love working from home - we have been doing this very successfully for the last 17 years!

The opportunity

With state-of-the-art softwareProperty InDepth is looking for more Registered Valuers to add to its team of over 20+ experienced, residential and lifestyle property valuation specialists.

How we work

Working from home, our valuers are all very well supported by our own in-house Customer Centre which takes care of bookingsaccounts, bankingclient and panel communications, and all things valuers don’t want to do, enabling them to focus on doing the valuations – all in the knowledge that the “back end” is being managed for them.

The right culture

With an average age of around 40 years old (compared to the industry average of around 60), and a 50:50 male: female ratio (compared to the industry mix of around 85% male), our experienced but youthful team who share an awesome culture enjoy their fair share of fun along the way!

Part of the success of Property InDepth being New Zealand’s largest specialist residential property valuation company can be attributed to the vast experience our team has. Completing thousands of valuations annually, our team enjoys completing work for both Valuation Ordering System panels as well as numerous other referral sources.

The best tools and systems

Operating on the latest valuation software, our valuers collect data on-site utilising easy-to-use software on an iPad. Our software also generates the reports, ensures QA, has automated invoicing as well as many other features which ensure all parties are kept well informed throughout the valuation process.

Comparable Sales from several suppliers are automatically integrated into our system (with all analysis held, ready to be used again), and with the right skills on the team at Head Office, we are continuously developing our systems to ensure we remain as industry leaders, constantly providing great user experience.

Collaboration between valuers is also cherished, so peer review/support is always at your fingertips, as is our business-wide connection, enhancing the feeling of team.

Since our launch in 2004, we have remained at the forefront of innovation, including being recognised by the Property Institute with the bestowing to us of the “Innovation in Property” Award at their annual Conference.

Let’s chat

So, whether you are currently working in a corporate and need a break, working in a small valuation business and need the power of a larger team, are a mum or dad looking to return to the workforce and need flexibility, or are looking to regain some lifestyle balance while working the hours you want, seeing what we have to offer is a must!

confidential call to us may be all that is needed to open your mind to the modern way of working!

To find out more drop me, Steve McNamara (owner and Director) an email at or call me on 021 477 673 for a confidential chat. I look forward to hearing from you!

Salary Range

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