At UCOL we embrace diversity, talent and performance, and provide staff with an extensive range of opportunities to develop intellectually, professionally and personally. Providing an environment where individuals can develop their lives and careers is at the heart of what we do, and this is as true for our staff as our students. 
UCOL is committed to attracting, developing and retaining capable staff who are passionate, creative, future-focused, and dedicated to meeting the needs of our learners and partners. Our employees come from a wide range of backgrounds - some from within industry who have never worked in a learning environment, and others with an already existing academic background. They are specialists and researchers in their fields, as well as passionate ambassadors for UCOL and we ensure that they are well supported to do this.
UCOL staff have the relevant skills and expertise to excel at their job. We provide learning and development opportunities for staff and where appropriate qualification opportunities to support career changes. 
We have around 500 staff working across our campuses, employed in academic and general positions, who really care about the success of UCOL.