Gribble Churton Taylor Limited

About Us

Gribble Churton Taylor Limited is an independent valuation and property consultancy practice based in the centre of Auckland City.

One of the directors was formerly part of the central city based valuation company Mahoney Gardner Churton Limited. The new practice of Gribble Churton Taylor Limited was formed and commenced in February 2003.

What We Do

  • Operate as a limited liability company, through three working directors assisted by staff valuers.
  • Extensive involvement in the valuation of commercial and industrial properties throughout Auckland including for market and rental valuations; arbitrations, building insurance certificates and property consultancy.  The firm also has valuers who specialise in all classes of residential real estate including large residential terrace / apartment developments and subdivisions for mortgage funding, plus day to day valuations for mortgage work, refinancing, mortgagee sale valuations for banks and general advice for market value purposes.
  • Accredited panel valuers for major banks and finance companies, carrying out funding valuations for a wide range of public and private investors, as well as for a number of established development companies.
  • Certified by Property Institute of New Zealand (PINZ) as having met the quality standards required for accreditation in property valuation.
  • Undertakes advisory work including valuations of property portfolios held by listed property companies, feasibility studies and the provision of general property advice.
  • Registered Valuers that have the experience and reputation which results in clients requiring them to undertake external and restricted peer reviews of third party valuation reports.
  • Registered valuers that have experience in Court proceedings, or as umpire / arbitrators for disputes for a wide range of property matters, as well as providing general property advice throughout New Zealand.
  • Retained by Territorial Local Authorities and Government Departments in relation to infrastructural matters including highways, roads, reserves, pipelines, tunnels, etc.