Valocity Limited

Valocity is reshaping the complex world of lending with One Smart Platform. The Valocity system provides brings a number of firsts to the New Zealand market.  These include:

·        The first valuation management system to be designed and developed in New Zealand for the local market

·        The first valuation management system to be open to all registered valuers from the start, with a confidential system allowing the lender to build their own panel

·        A leading edge technology platform that can be customised to suit the needs of both lenders, brokers, valuers and customers to provide future proof capability and functionality

·        The first system to use cloud based next generation technology

Valocity was launched with overwhelmingly strong support from both the valuation industry and the finance community. Since its launch Valocity has continued to refine the platform and regularly engages with valuers, administrators, lenders and other members of the property industry to gather feedback and test new ideas, to ensure the company continues to innovate.

Valocity connects the most lenders, brokers, valuers and their customers in New Zealand providing industry transforming innovation.