Brannigans Consulting

Brannigans specialise in people. We’re a full People Solutions business with a passion for and commitment to supporting you and your teams to become the best they can be.

We are a team of super-passionate, experienced consultants who can look after all aspects of the people in your business – from finding and attracting the best talent, to supporting their well being and professional development and enabling you to be the most equipped leader you can be.

We approach challenges differently, thinking outside the square and involving the intellectual power of the whole team, not just one allocated individual. Working with Brannigans is a smart investment in your business with a tangible return on investment.

By Partnering with you and getting to know your team, we get a feel for what makes your organisation special and commit to tailoring solutions specifically to suit your needs.

Innovation, integrity, and energy sit at the very core of our organisation. Our all-encompassing focus is to exceed the expectations of all our clients.